Domestic Violence in the Workplace


There is no greater threat to the synergy of a company’s operations  than a disgruntled employee of an ex-patriot with a vendetta. The  early warning procedures we have instituted over the last 20 years to  ensure work place safety and security have become policy for many of the  most recognized national and international corporations. Our  perspective is that one should always try to diffuse a violent  situation early in its evolution, before a “Loose Cannon” rocks the  boat.

This is accomplished though Situation Avoidance and Safety Training. Our firm has designed a safety training program with a dual purpose. The first is to comply with court rulings regarding the reduction of your liability exposure. The liability would stem from employee’s physical confrontations, to include such things as assault, rape, and or robbery. Secondly, we provide an educational program for your employees on how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Liability Reduction:

We will conduct situation avoidance training seminars for your employees. This seminar will be customized to your particular needs at your facility. The  block of instruction deals with criminal motivation, corporate  liability, criminal assault’s, and the best way to approach them. Also  covered are hostage situations in the workplace, active shooters in the  work place and how to legally handle intruders in your office. This is an actual block of instruction we are not selling and  we do not condone the use of Mace or any chemical agents. (See pdf Don’t Be a Victim)


IDRC Don't be a Victim You have a Choice 2019 (pdf)


IDRC Liability Reduction (pdf)