Due diligence

KYV KYC Compliance Due Diligence


With  the new laws around the world on corruption, money laundering, fraud  and regulation compliance it is not only important but legally mandated  that firms conduct due diligence on not only business partners and  associates but also on clients and the companies that they do business  with.

Successful  business transactions require good background information on investors,  operating companies, joint ventures, mergers, new hires, key hires,  transactions, past trans actions and associated financial institutions. Professional,  comprehensive and discreet due diligence investigations are imperative  for the concise and productive business transactions. Knowing  the background and reputation as well as the activities, ethics and  associations of potential partners and investors could mean the  difference between a long lasting business relationship and or  indictment and prison.

IDRC  has the ability and experience to research offshore businesses,  undisclosed liabilities or questionable financial reporting, acquisition  and joint venture targets. Researching the relationships between individuals, companies, government officials and known criminal elements. 

IDRC  will work with your security and legal staff to support internal fraud  investigations, computer forensics, information security, intellectual  property theft and the counterfeiting investigation of your product  lines. We will assist you with the development, identification and recruitment of sources to assist you with your operations. We  can also provide you with assessments of your internal security  procedures or those of your business associates or possible acquisitions  to insure that you are protected from intellectual property theft.