IDRC Success

Reasons for our Success


Over the last 30  years IDRC has located and recovered Billions for our clients as well as  having hundreds of fraudsters indicted and incarcerated. To date our asset locations are running approximately 93%. 

While  our main goal is to recover funds stolen, embezzled or swindled from  it is critical that the client not only has their funds back but that they are cleared though the banking system and available for use. 

As a last resort we develop a prosecutable case that can be  turned over to the appropriate authorities. 

With a staff comprised of Financial Crimes investigators and Fraud  Examiners our staff has the experience to develop and prepare a case  that can be handed to a prosecutor ready for them to file. This  greatly expedites the criminal or RICO filing as the leg work and prep  work are completed and all they have to do is file the case.

IDRC has been so highly successful due to the vast experience of our  personnel and their ability to utilize techniques that most investigators are unaware of. 

We have utilized legal methods that most are  not familiar with to Garnish financial accounts prior to securing a  judgment as well as seizing personal and sentimental items from subjects  to get their attention. 

With IDRC staff having years of investigative experience with such  agencies as the Treasury, Office of Currency Comptroller, IRS Criminal Investigative  Division, FBI, Federal Reserve, FDIC, SEC, NCIS, DHS, INTERPOL, CID, Scotland  Yard, Australian Security Exchange, World Bank, German Police  and others we have the contacts and experience to make things happen.

Not wanting to tip off our potential subjects complete details  will not be discussed on this site but you will find that the subjects  to not want us to come back in the future. 


IDRC  adheres, strictly, to a policy of low-profile and anonymity of everyone  involved.  We do not believe or follow the practice of seeking publicity  or recognition.  Our desire is not to question or disclose our clients'  activities or operations, but to simply perform the functions for which  we are engaged, to the utmost of our capabilities. 

This policy of total  non-disclosure and confidentiality extends from the first contact with  clients to perpetuity and it is sacrosanct  to our function. 


No  element of location or function of the clients' firms is ever discussed  beyond a "need to know" by those in the performance of their duties. Indeed, even the geographical location of our involvement is kept totally confidential.  

IDRC  does not publish books or articles looking for recognition, nor does it  discuss any facet of involvement with any party, nor does it seek  identification of its activities or purposes, even with a host nation. We  are totally anonymous and unobtrusive at all times; thus, we expect the  same consideration from our clients and their representatives.