Vip executive protection

Protective Details and Hostage Recoveries


VIP Protection

 IDRC  has a long established history of designing, establishing and  conducting protective operations in Business, Royalty, Industry, Music,  Presidential  Committee Members, Political, Battered Spouse and Combat  situations from terrorist and or criminal acts.   In that time, NO  person utilizing International Dynamics services have been abducted or injured due to the  ability of  our professional staff to recognize, neutralize and subdue  all such attempts.  

From that experience comes the now critical program of Executive Protection and training.  We initiate our details buy completing a Threat Analysis, Interviews with the Principals, Develop a Security Plan and then conduct , specific training to neutralize the known  threats revealed in the assessment.  Training will be  conducted for the Principal and their family as well as for  all employees or individuals that will be near the Principal.  This  training is to brief them on Counter Surveillance and basic situation avoidance  information.  Individuals will also be briefed on what they can expect  for
the protective agents and what the protective agents will expect from them.

IDRC  has agents with experience in all areas of the protective industry and  will strive to assign individuals that will not only fit into your 
environment but also have personalities that will mesh well with your situation.

The most important aspect of a protective detail is Intelligence and Advance preparation.   We have team leaders that are known Internationally for their knowledge and experience in this  field.  We will insure that your travel will be as smooth as possible.   IDRC Agents are well traveling and experienced with most parts s of the  world and we have many multilingual agents to increase your probability  of uneventful travel.   IDRC has training and equipped agents  capable of providing protective services, Counter Sniper,   Advanced  Detail, EOD, HazMat and Combat Protective missions.   All of IDRC's  operatives are Certified Master Anti Terrorism Specialist as well as  being trained in           Martial Arts.  All of IDRC's management, Team Leaders and  Protective Specialist are POST certified Law Enforcement officers with a  minimum           of 5 years experience. 

IDRC has the ability to train and protect the Executive clients in the  procedures necessary to limit their exposure to hostile threats.

You can have the professional protection of International Dynamics Research Corp staff, or Executive Security Training, or both Simultaneously!  While we provide protection, we can train your executives in the protection measures such as:

TRAVEL  SECURITY:  Domestic, Extended and International travel security.  How  to utilize varying route techniques, Situation Avoidance,
Dressing for Avoidance, High Risk carriers and High Risk Location awareness.SECURE  WORKPLACE: Layering accessibility and the use of buffer zones, Habit  controls, Environmental risk reduction, Computing awareness,   Automobile travel and security, Situation awareness and risk analysis.

ANTI-EAVESDROPPING and INFORMATION SECURITY: Type of intrusive  devices, Phrase coding conversation, Controlled communication access,  Environmental privacy, Telecommunications security, written and document security.

SITUATION AVOIDANCE, PREVENTION AND UNCONVENTIONAL RESPONSES: Planning  for avoidance and prevention, Methodology of avoidance,
Alternatives in avoidance and prevention planning, Elimination  of residential and family vulnerability, and Unconventional response to threats or situations. 

USE  OF SECURITY PERSONNEL:  Qualifications or personnel, Personnel  placement, Security personnel as a screen, Importance of heeding the  protective personnel, Response to personnel actions.

OPTIONAL COURSES: In defensive weapons training in both conventional  and unconventional weaponry.  This course is also optional for the  family or the executive as well as for executives key  employees.  The family should always be part of the courses in travel,  situation avoidance
and residential security.

   IDRC has spent the last 34 years conducting hostage location and  recovery operations around the world.  We have a staff of Military and  Intelligence trained professionals with proven track records for  successful recovery operations from Afghanistan to Russia.  We have  carried out recovery operations in the mountains and jungles and also in  the cities from criminals as well as terrorist.  IDRC always attempts  to covertly organize the release by overt methods.  Our experience,  reputation and history of success increases our probability for a  successful recovery.

Our tactics include subterfuge and well planned and executed operations that are designed for maximum success.   

  1. IDRC  has conducted 123 Hostage recovery operations and 36 international  child recovery operations.  IDRC has completed operations in South  America, Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  IDRC has  operatives with experience and knowledge of the languages and customs of  the areas to insure success in the completion of our mission.