Unfreezing bank accounts and funds

Clearing funds for Transfer



For the international financial system to be able to receive and send funds there must be a comprehensive due diligence report completed on all of the individuals and corporations as well as enhanced due diligence on the origin and entire history of the funds. 

To   move these items forward requires a very comprehensive review and then   the compiling of a very extensive report that we submit to the world   financial system to comply with their regulations.  No funds can be received by anyone without this process being completed.    The banks will not advise you of this requirement as if you are not in   compliance they get to keep your funds until you are or until your  funds  have been confiscated.  The banks utilizing the new Artificial   Intelligence (AI) technology have the computer scan every aspect of all   wires and transactions.  The computer checks for any wires over  $25,000  from personal accounts and any over $50,000 from corporate  accounts.

The   AI technology reviews all computerized records such as Corporate   Status, Business Licenses, past banking history, criminal status for   fraud or bank-related crimes such as bad checks or fraud and many other   areas.  If one item is found the system then alerts all the other  fraud  detection systems and initiates a worldwide review.  

If  you do not comply with these guidelines you will find you have blocked  funds. Unfreezing bank accounts is much more expensive than having them  cleared before you initiate your transaction be is the purchase of  SBLC's, BG's, MTN's private placement. 

Unfreezing your funds and clearing them for transfer



IDRC Solves Your Problems

For  over 30 year IDRC has resolved difficult problems for our elite  clients.  IDRC has the ability to assist you with Repatriation of Funds  to the U.S., Research International Assets, Financial Instruments, Bank  Accounts and  your Financial legal problems. 

With  the implementation of the KYC and KYV regulations it is illegal for any  financial institution to transfer funds to anyone that may be involved  with illegal transactions or Money Laundering.  You and your funds must  be cleared prior to any transfer or attempted transfer or your funds  will be blocked by the receiving bank.  We have the ability to compile  the required documents to obtain this clearance and walk them through  the process expediting your transfer. 

We   have the ability to either repatriate your funds to the United States   or to any other country or banking system.  We can obtain approval and   transfer codes for your funds to move to the United States and or other   countries.  What we normally do is provide you with a seasoned account   in the country of your choice with the corresponding amount of funds  in  your account less our fee. 

We   are one of 3 contractors for the U.S. government that has the ability   to authenticate and repatriate currency, boxes or financial assets of   value. 

For You to be Paid You MUST Be Cleared

Pre Clear Yourself and your Accounts


 For you to be paid any large amount of money and to be able to actually receive your funds in a usable form you must have an account that is approved by the international financial system.    Not having an approved account is the main reason that people do not   get paid.  Without an approved account available to receive your payout   it is impossible to receive accessible funds.   It is illegal for the  bank to put money in an uncleared or unapproved account. 

Banks will Close Account if not Pre Cleared


It is illegal for the banks to deposit money into an account that has not been cleared for the transaction.  If you have large amounts of money deposited without that account and the signatory being cleared the bank MUST Freeze the account and submit a suspicious activity report on the transaction.

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