Crisis management

Limiting Your Company's Risk

 IDRC can provide your organization with a turn key Risk Management, Physical and Information Security Plan and Policy 

It is critical that you address the risk that are relevant to your business.  There are the obvious such as weather conditions.  However, in today's environment you must also take into consideration such things as Civil Disturbance, Active Shooter, Hacking of not just your IT System but also the covert recording of you proprietary meetings or embarrassing situations.  In the past businesses only had to worry about Hurricanes and Tornadoes but today we have the enhanced terror threat, civil demonstrations due to company policies on such as Climate Change, Politics,  LGBT, Racism, MeToo Movement and others.

 IDRC has successfully completed a number of significant security consulting and engineering projects. These  successful projects demonstrate IDRC’s ability to meet design  schedules, staffing, estimate costs, and administrate complex  consulting, design, turn key security projects.  We also have the ability to address the new terror and political correctness crisis situations.


IDRC’s  projects include conducting complete Vulnerability Assessments of Asset  Management for Fortune 500 companies and Overseeing the complete  implementation of a new Comprehensive Asset Management Program that has  saved clients millions of dollars in losses.  

Other  projects include the implementation of muti-million dollar physical  security upgrades to Oil Companies; the world wide asset management and  executive protection program for a Middle East Royal family; a detailed  armed robbery prevention study for a convenient store chain; a  comprehensive physical security and loss prevention study for several  computer firms; Hostage recovery operations in North and South America,  Middle East, and Europe. 

Security  consulting projects for designing and implementing an Information  Security and Technical Counter Measures program (De-bugging) for major  corporations worldwide; along with a number of other significant  projects in the US, Germany, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Peru, Panama, Russia,  Austria, Lebanon, and Canada.

Physical and Information Security 

IDRC is prepared to  full-fill your firms desires to evaluate your current Physical and  Information Protection Programs against industry “best practices” and  generally accepted security principles. Assessment,  analysis and recommendations must be aligned with the vision, mission,  and operating values and be tailored to your world wide presence,  business culture and operating environment. 

Solutions must be comprehensive and adaptable to Your corporations existing business processes. Although  a detailed Scope of Work has not been finalized, the areas outlined  below will provide the foundation for and information security review. Areas can be added and deleted as requested by Your Security organization.    


The following methodology will be used to assess the current Information Protection Program at your facility.

  • Gather data relative to the current Physical Security and Information Protection Programs.
  • Compare the data with industry “best practices” and generally accepted security principles.
  • Analyze the data to determine the current condition of the program.
  • Identify and communicate the gap between what is and what should be.
  • Risk Assessments and Security Audits
  • Identify and prioritize management’s concerns. 
  • Develop an acceptable strategy and resource estimate to close the gap between what is and what should be.

IDRC  has a long established history of designing, establishing and  conducting protective operations in Business, Royalty, Industry, Music,  Presidential  Committee Members, Political, Battered Spouse and Combat  situations from terrorist and or criminal acts.   

In that time, NO  person utilizing International  Dynamics services have been abducted or injured due to the  ability of  our professional staff to recognize, neutralize and subdue  all such attempts.


From that experience comes the now critical  program of Executive Protection and training.  We initiate our details buy completing a Threat Analysis, Interviews with the Principals, Develop a Security Plan and then conduct , specific training to neutralize the known  threats revealed in the assessment.  Training will  be  conducted for the Principal and their family as well as for all  employees or individuals that will be near the Principal.


This training  is to brief them on Counter Surveillance and basic situation avoidance  information.  Individuals will also be briefed on what they can expect  for the protective agents and what the protective agents will expect from them. 



There is no greater threat to the synergy of a company’s operations  than a disgruntled employee of an ex-patriot with a vendetta. The  early warning procedures we have instituted over the last 20 years to  ensure work place safety and security have become policy for many of the  most recognized national and international corporations. Our  perspective is that one should always try to diffuse a violent  situation early in its evolution, before a “Loose Cannon” rocks the  boat.

This is accomplished though Situation Avoidance and Safety Training. Our firm has designed a safety training program with a dual purpose. The first is to comply with court rulings regarding the reduction of your liability exposure. The liability would stem from employee’s physical confrontations, to include such things as assault, rape, and or robbery. Secondly, we provide an educational program for your employees on how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.



 IDRC  intelligence analysts, operators and subject matter experts from around  the world provide the IDRC Intelligence Operations Center with  information necessary for IDRC to fulfill our clients security needs. 

IDRC  platform monitors early warning signs and indicators to provide our  operators and clients with proprietary information needed to  successfully protect and secure our clients.  

IDRC  Operators have successfully contributed and conducted joint operations  with foreign law enforcement and intelligence organizations to  assist  our clients and enhance the operation and security of their businesses  and the protection of principals and their families.