Asset location and recovery

Financial System Knowledge and Experience


IDRC staff has been involved in solving financial problems for over thirty years. Our  counter intelligence experience and high level financial contacts lends  a unique skill set to successfully resolving financial situations. Having  experience and contacts in the tax and financial industry provides us  with the expertise to accomplish task that most are unaware exist. 

The most important element in resolving these situations is speed. 

Whether  it be to address a problem or recover your assets It is imperative that  you have a team that is experienced and that thinks uniquely to resolve  your situation before it goes to litigation. We use proven techniques that most investigators, attorneys and consultants are unaware of, to solve your problem.

IDRC  has recovered funds for Fortune 500 companies and individuals both  domestically and off shore. We have located and tracked the assets of  some of the most infamous individuals in recent history.


IDRC  has successfully completed hundreds of asset searches, including  searches on Noriega Milliken, and Saddam Hussein to list a few. 

We  have been involved with the return of stolen funds from Nigeria,  Russia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Bahamas, England, Arab Emirates,  Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Liechtenstein,  Monaco, France, Benin, Ghana, Congo, Sierra Leone and other  off-shore,  and Swiss accounts, as well as obtaining banking information and tax  records worldwide. We have located billions of dollars in hidden, stolen  and embezzled assets for our clients.

With  the business world becoming increasingly more global, international  borders are close to non-existent in the Financial Community. Last year it was estimated that over 158 billion dollars was embezzled or stolen in bank fraud cases alone. The  wide spread use of the internet has exacerbated this financial fraud  problems by giving these criminals access to so many more victims at the  same time. 

IDRC  has represented victimized foreign governments and entities, business  owners, financial institutions and multinational corporations in complex  financial-fraud schemes including allegations of public corruption,  bribery, foreign corrupt practices, extortion, fraud, theft,  embezzlement, money laundering and other white-collar crimes.  

We  have a history of working fraud cases involving the recovery of assets  in Fraudulent MTN and REO cases as well as Nigerian Fraud and High Yield  Investment Fraud cases. These cases require experience and knowledge of the ICC International Standard Banking Practices,  International  Banking, Financial Industry, MTN, BG and REO world as well as an astute  international investigative mind capable of thinking very far outside  the box. 

To  recover funds from professional international financial thieves  requires you to be able to locate the asset and then make the thief want  to pay you the money back. Through experience we have developed a process that has proven to be successful.

The International Financial System has requirements for you to receive  or send Funds.  For you to be able to receive your funds you must first  have an approved account and you must have had an enhanced due diligence  report meeting all the criteria that the banking system requires.  The  security review must cover all individuals on the pay order and also all  board members of it includes a corporation as well as a complete review  of the origin of the funds.  

IDRC completes this research and compiles  the required report for compliance with the strict new financial crimes  and money laundering regulations. No funds will ever be received without  this requirement being met.  The banks will not instruct you on what is  required.  They expect you to know what is required of you.  This is  why 90% of people completing large transactions never receive their  funds.

For you to be paid any large amount of money and be able to have access  to your funds you MUST have this process completed prior to the closing  of the transaction.  Without having an approved account available before  the completion of your transaction will prevent you from receiving your  payout or settlement of your transaction.  International banking  regulations prevents the bank from even speaking to you about your  account once they have submitted a Suspicious Activities Report.  Your  calling the bank and asking about your frozen funds in many cases  becomes the probable cause for them to move your accounts from being  frozen to being seized.  

After the money laundering laws were changed a few years ago bankers can  now be held criminally and civilly liable if they facilitate a  transaction that is considered money laundering.  A bank can now freeze  your funds with only a suspicion of a fraudulent transaction and they  have been advised that it is better for them to error on the side of  caution.  Anyone in the banking chain from a teller, supervisor, manger  or fraud department can lock down your transaction and your funds.

We  effectively work to pursue and recoup financial losses and other assets  looted and transferred across borders thanks to our 30 years of  international investigative and intelligence experience.  IDRC will provide you with the in-depth information on any asset or financial transaction that you are involved with.   We  have a staff of investigators, high level bank auditors, Fraud  Examiners, bank compliance officers, can counter terrorism financial  crimes specialist all with years of international banking and financial  investigative experience.