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TSCM (Debugging)


Download pdf documents on Choosing a TSCM Team and Who would want to Bug you below.

This year the FBI reported a 200% increase in the number of industrial espionage cases that they worked. One FBI report to Congress stated that American businesses loses are $100 Billion a year to foreign spying. He reported that FBI investigations revealed that 23 countries actively engage in economic espionage activities against the United States. Other sources testified that they knew of 51 countries targeting the United States to include several of our allies. Additional information indicates that it is not just the “Super Companies” that are targeted.  Middle size to small companies are targeted four times more often, and the main reason is that they are easier to penetrate.  Private sector bugging has exploded in the last 5 years with the expansion of the internet.   Individuals now have access to purchasing listening, recording and bugging  equipment online that they did not have access to in the past.  There are hundreds of companies selling devices that have the ability to monitor your computers, mobile devices homes and offices.  IDRC has certified technicians and the professional equipment required to competently provide you with counter measure services. 


 Commercial Technical Countermeasures conducted will be a radio frequency analysis, telephone analysis, telephone line analysis, carrier current analysis, and a physical search.  The telephones and lines will be analyzed by performing 27 different test.

Counter measures are performed by experienced professionals using the industry excepted and certified counter measure equipment and ATAB, and ISCTP Certified Technicians.


We have been performing counter-measure sweeps for over 30 years and have successfully completed over 60 government and civilian training schools for over 3,000 hours of training.  Mr. Flannigan was voted Security Professional of 1998 by Counter Terrorism and Security International and  has been featured on 48 hours, Street Stories and 20/20 as well as many news paper and magazine articles for his counter-measure expertise.  We have performed successful investigative services for Past Presidents, Fortune 500 companies and law firms.  We have performed counter-measures internationally in Berlin, Moscow, Lima, and Hong Kong to name a few. 

Our equipment is state of the art and is the recommended equipment of T.R.A. and ATAB for Counter Measure sweeps.  Our Technicians hold Advanced ATAB and T.R.A certified Counter Measure Certifications and have a minimum of 6 years experience as counter measure technicians.

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