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Physical Security

IDRC can provide your organization with a turn key Physical and Information Security Plan and Policy

IDRC has successfully completed a number of significant security consulting and engineering projects.  These successful projects demonstrate IDRC’s ability to meet design schedules, staffing, estimate costs, and administrate complex consulting, design, turn key security projects. 

IDRC’s projects include conducting complete Vulnerability Assessments of Asset Management for Fortune 500 companies and Overseeing the complete implementation of a new Comprehensive Asset Management Program that has saved clients millions of dollars in losses.  

Other projects include the implementation of muti-million dollar physical security upgrades to Oil Companies; the world wide asset management and executive protection program for a Middle East Royal family; a detailed armed robbery prevention study for a convenient store chain; a comprehensive physical security and loss prevention study for several computer firms; Hostage recovery operations in North and South America, Middle East, and Europe. 

Security consulting projects for designing and implementing an Information Security and Technical Counter Measures program (De-bugging) for major corporations worldwide; along with a number of other significant projects in the US, Germany, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Peru, Russia, Austria, Lebanon, and Canada.

Physical and Information Security

IDRC is prepared to full-fill your firms desires to evaluate your current Physical and Information Protection Programs against industry “best practices” and generally accepted security principles.  Assessment, analysis and recommendations must be aligned with the vision, mission, and operating values and be tailored to your world wide presence, business culture and operating environment.  Solutions must be comprehensive and adaptable to Your corporations existing business processes.  Although a detailed Scope of Work has not been finalized, the areas outlined below will provide the foundation for and information security review.  Areas can be added and deleted as requested by Your Security organization.                                               

The following methodology will be used to assess the current Information Protection Program at your facility.

MANDATE: All Healthcare Providers Must Comply

to New Rules or Face Loss of Medicare Funding

CMS 3178 Compliance

MANDATE: All Healthcare Providers Must Comply to New Rules or Face Loss of Medicare Funding

“All Hazards” Assessment, Planning and Preparation Deadline is Nov. 15, 2017

On September 16, 2016, six weeks before America’s “historic” election, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published CMS-3178 - The Final Rule for Healthcare Emergency Preparedness. The purpose of this new regulation is to:

(1)    Establish consistent emergency preparedness requirements across provider and supplier networks,

(2)    Establish a more coordinated response to natural and man-made disasters, and

(3)    Increase patient safety during emergencies.

This is not a sleepy regulation that gives the healthcare industry up to five years to prepare, like HIPAA (Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT).

This rule mandates that if healthcare facilities do not comply by NOVEMBER 15, 2017, they risk not receiving Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements in December!

Who does this effect? This applies to seventeen Medicare and Medicaid provider sectors, ranging from Home Healthcare workers to major Cancer Treatment centers, medical laboratories and everything in between.

Beyond the techno jargon and acronyms, the goals of the Rule recognize that there are systemic gaps in the emergency Planning and Implementation process that must be closed by establishing consistency and encouraging coordination across the Emergency Preparedness sector of the United states and its possessions.

IDRC Has Certified Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Specialist that are experienced and capable of completing your CMS 3178 requirements.  We have professional and certified staff that have the ability to conduct your Risk Assessment, Conduct your required training, assist you with your policy updates and advise you on your communication requirements.