International Dynamics Research Corp.   

Hostage Recovery

 IDRC has spent the last 34 years conducting hostage location and recovery operations around the world.  We have a staff of Military and Intelligence trained professionals with proven track records for successful recovery operations from Afghanistan to Russia.  We have carried out recovery operations in the mountains and jungles and also in the cities from criminals as well as terrorist.  IDRC always attempts to covertly organize the release by overt methods.  Our experience, reputation and history of success increases our probability for a successful recovery.

Our tactics include subterfuge and well planned and executed operations that are designed for maximum success.   
  1. IDRC has conducted 119 Hostage recovery operations and 36 international child recovery operations.  IDRC has completed operations in South America, Central America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  IDRC has operatives with experience and knowledge of the languages and customs of the areas to insure success in the completion of our mission.